The Wild Woman

This is so fitting for me! πŸ’šπŸž


Just a typical Saturday…

Had a rather adventurous day today. (Not really, that’s a lie.) Spent the first part of my day building a fire pit. It actually went MUCH better than anticipated. I’m excited to use it!

I’m currently laying in my hammock along the Ocoee. It has been a gorgeous evening, though I’m currently freezing since the sun went down behind the mountain. I’m with my friend/cousin B as usual. She’s the only person, besides my dad, who will drop everything and join me for a hike.  I’m off work all next week (YAY for Spring Break!) and plan to spend lots of time in the woods. Most likely camping with the BF. (He needs a name for my blog… will have to come up with something later.)

Gonna go for a bit. We gotta hike outta here before we freeze our asses off.

Later bitches. ✌