This. Is. Me. 


I can’t help it. ✌


So, I kinda fell off the face of the earth…

It wasn’t intentional. The last month at school/work was hectic. Trying to get grades in, finish EOC tests, and packing up my entire room was a bit of a pain. Then, it was summer break. Which basically means I have spent a shit load of time in the woods hiking or at the river swimming. I tried to upload some pictures about a month ago but they would never upload so I got frustrated and quit trying. I’ve found lots of interesting critters (mostly snakes) in the woods this summer. Went camping a few times, one of which was a hike in over night camping trip. That was fun! =)

Anyhow, I found myself back here again today mostly because I’m bored out of my dang mind. We have a 7 hour road trip (down to 5 hours now) to the beach for our summer vacation. I’m excited but anxious about being away from home for a week. (Mostly being away from family & my furbabies.)

For now, I shall find a random app to play on my phone. Have you played Brain It on? OMG is it frustrating but so DANG ADDICTING. I hooked my brother and another of our friends on it also…


✌ & ❤ y’all